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Criminal defense attorney available to help you

Facing criminal charges can be stressful, compromise various aspects of your life and place you in a lonely position. At the Law Office of Josie Mayfield Hudson, you're in capable and reliable hands. Our expert attorney understands the necessity of formulating a solid case to aggressively represent you in front of the court.

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• Violent Crimes

• Felony or Misdemeanor

• State and Federal Crimes

• Bond Setting and Reduction

• Drug Possession Offenses

Criminal defense cases

Josie Mayfield Hudson is ready to assist you. She will help you fully understand the magnitude of the charges against you, what your rights are and the best way to formulate a case that will help get you out of your predicament.

You're in exceptional hands

Trust in individualized, personal attention from a criminal defense attorney who cares about your future.

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• Expungements

• Theft & Shoplifting Offenses

• Traffic Violations

• Sex Offenses

• Domestic Violence